Former DCE tells Bawumia ‘stop lying’, appeals to Chief Iman to extend his fasting

Former District Chief Executive (DCE) for Sekyere Afram Plains under the Mahama administration Fuseini Donkor is appealing to the National Chief Iman, Sheikh Dr. Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu to extend vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia’s fasting period.

According to him, his reason for the appeal is to enable the vice president cleanse the incessant lies and false comments he has been making recently after the completion of the fasting.

He wondered why Dr. Bawumia as true Muslim keep lying to Ghanaians after woefully failing to work on the numerous promises he made prior to the 2016 general election, laying emphasis on the depreciation of the cedi claim.

Donkor Fuseini on Abusua Nkommo

                                                                       Donkor Fuseini on Abusua Nkommo

Speaking on Abusua Nkommo hosted by Austine Woode, Mr. Fuseini said ” Things are not just right for this guys and it not about how well you polish it, not about how well you decorate a monkey it is still a monkey so they should trying to explain their ways through realities”

”Austine Woode I don’t know whether the Chief Iman is listening to me but I am begging him to extend our vice president’s fasting for us because it looks like all the fasting he did is going waste, they should extend his fasting for him”

”This is a man who told us his outfit will use drone machine to distribute blood and medicine but just last week he came out to the say that it has been moved to 2019 so my point if you know you’re not fully prepared to do that why make emphatic statement at all in the first place.

He further stated that the vice president after deceiving Ghanaians that under his tutelage, the cedi and the dollar equivalent would be the same has shamelessly turned to the very same people he lied to that the dollar rate constantly is rising as a result economic weak fundamentals.

”Bawumia should stop lying how can you say that inflation has done down by almost 200% knowing very well that it’s not true, there’s no way inflation can go beyond 100% reduction, that is why I am saying  Chief Iman should extend his fasting”  he concluded.


Source: www.abusuaFMonline.com/Ghana

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