Facts of good eating habits

Balance your foods

To avoid getting too much of any nutrient, try to eat foods from all food groups in the healthy eating pyramid, including low glycemic load carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats as well as good sources of vitamins and minerals.

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables

These are all an excellent source of fibre, healthy sugars, vitamins and minerals. Fibre is useful in keeping your cholesterol levels low and cleaning out the intestinal tract. Vitamins and minerals are required by the most basic of metabolic processes in the body.

Avoid eating fast foods

They are loaded with salt, sugar and bad fats that have no nutritional value. While they may put an end to your hunger, they are of no benefit to your body.

Choose low fat foods

The average diet contains more fat than our body requires. Opting for low fat options when available will help balance the foods that are higher in fats.


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