”You don’t need controversy to promote your songs if truly the hand of God is on you’- Daughters of Glorious Jesus

Cynthia Ampadu, member of the veteran Ghanaian gospel music group Daughters of Glorious Jesus says that Gospel musicians in Ghana do not necessarily need to create controversy before their albums gain massive air play.

According to her, musicians who truly have the hand of God on them and are inspired by God’s directives wouldn’t need to be engaged in any unnecessary public controversies before their albums become hit.

She was speaking to Abusua FM’s Drive Time host Ike De Unpredictable on how the current generation of Gospel musicians resort to needless arguments publicly with the conviction of gaining massive promotion of their songs.

The ace musician however advised Gospel musicians in the country to desist from such an ungodly behaviour and focus on spreading the gospel and win souls for Christ through their songs.

She said ”the truth is that if truly you have been called by God it’s the Holy Spirit that will direct and guide you as to what. In fact I feel sorry when I hear musician lying on controversies to promote their songs”.

”Those days when we started doing music before you release an album you pray to God and wait for his time and also ask him to make the song he has given you impact lives but the story isn’t same today. Years back we didn’t even have promoters or social media to promote our songs yet the songs we produced gained enough popularity and massive air plays because we were directed by the word of God”.

”If you are being guided by God I don’t think there will be any need for you to be doing things contrary to the word of God because we sing to make impact as us well win sous for Christ”.

”Daughters of Glorious Jesus for instance we sing with the sole aim of winning souls for Christ, Just recently there was this man about 55 years who came to us and thanked us that he gave him life to Christ after listening to our songs and that is purely the work of God”.


Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana 


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