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EXACTLY A month ago, the DAILY HERITAGE published a front page story captioned ‘Soldier on rampage at Mallam Market, Destroyed 185 bags of salt’, which highlighted the plight of market women at Mallam and their call for compensation from the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources.

The banter between the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and the women following the declaration by the Ministry that it would not compensate the women has been taken care of by Comet Properties Limited, the construction company reconstructing the market.

It was based on the plight of the market women that Comet decided to pay GHȼ18,500.00 as compensation to the suffering traders, a development that has put smiles back on their faces.

Nana Adom, the Project Coordinator, explained that the move is to ensure that the traders get back on line their capital and businesses in order to feed their families and settle their creditors.

He continued, “The leadership of the Mallam Market Traders Association (MMTA) had shown us a portion where we can relocate them and again because the project is in phases, we will be relocating them bit by bit and so by the time we will get into the full project, the relocation will have been completed.”

“This is to show that the contractors have no problem with the traders but the whole hullabaloo was between the traders, the military men and the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources,” he stated.

The chairman of the MMTA, Mr Nat Wystan Beaumonts, has, on behalf of the traders, expressed their utmost gratitude to Comet Properties for committing themselves to pay the GH ȼ18,500.00 to the market women.

The DAILY HERITAGE wishes to commend Comet for listening to the cry of the poor market folks and its decision to pay them compensation even when it’s not their responsibility to do so.

While we do appreciate the fact that the reconstruction of the market is the rightful thing to do, the manner in which it was started must be a lesson for the future.

The show of power by the Sanitation and Water Resource Ministry by way of ordering the military command to harass our poor traders is shameful and a show of disrespect to them.

As peace has been brokered, we call on all parties involved to, as a matter of need, play their useful roles to ensure that  issues that would stall the project are not entertained.

The excitement on the faces of these women who spoke to the paper concerning the promised compensation and their prayers of thanksgiving would surely be with them. Therefore, we hope Comet would make good its promise in good time to sustain the current excitement of the traders.

When that happens, we at the DAILY HERITAGE would publish it for the whole world to know that Comet is a promise keeper.

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