JOSPONG should concentrate on genuine and transparent business

I’m afraid the name JOSPONG doesn’t resonate well with a lot of Ghanaian patriots and the earlier the chief executive of this group purges himself the better it will be for him and his business.


At the moment, there is too much dirt thrown at him and his companies and it’s a pity that this is the case at this point in time.

There are several other indigenous Ghanaian companies but none of them has been hit by dirt in much the same way as JOSPONG has. Is it because he has not been operating above board and is cutting corners?


Sikkens and others

Why do people not throw dirt at Sikkens which has been in existence long before JOSPONG? Why do people not throw dirt at Mechanical Lloyd which has also been in existence for years in Ghana?


Why do journalists and social commentators not accuse Kasapreko Industries of cutting corners in its operations to make undeserved profits? Why do people not accuse Despite Group of Companies of foul play for which reason they should call for investigations into its operations?



If the spotlight is on JOSPONG, then, there must be something going on there which is entirely not favourable to the tax payers of Ghana for which reason journalists and social commentators are asking questions.


JOSPONG Group seems to have a finger in every pie Ghana has baked or it’s about to bake. You name it—sanitation, communication, afforestation, coastal cleanliness or something of that nature, mandatory towing of accident vehicles and management of GYEEDA modules, among others. And it’s suggested that it does so with the intent of reaping undeserved windfall profits and actually succeeds in achieving that with the active connivance and participation of public officials.



Regarding sanitation, the former minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Mr. Elvis Afriyie Ankrah, said recently that government had a contract with ZOOMLION by which the company collected Ghc500 from government on behalf of the street sweepers but paid them Gh100 only each month.


The rest of the money went into the coffers of ZOOMLION as profits. The company didn’t provide any health security; didn’t provide any social security; didn’t provide any transportation allowance; didn’t provide any protective clothing and no guaranteed future for these street sweepers whatsoever.

You may have noticed therefore, that there are now fewer workers wearing the ZOOMLION uniforms on the streets in the districts. Most of them have stopped working following the abysmal pay they receive at the end of the month which is even not regular.



There was a communication company that JOSPONG put together to do business with the government of Ghana. The contract sum agreed with this company was paid to them before they could even start work.

What does this mean in real financial terms? They could place this huge sum of money with an investment company for a considerable length of time and collect huge undeserved dividend before starting the work proper.


This malfeasance came to the fore with the change of government early 2017 and created a lot of brouhaha. Things have been straightened up since then but it tells you that JOSPONG cuts corners.


Mandatory towing of vehicles

JOSPONG managed to secure a very lucrative contract with the previous government, backed by law, to compel all vehicle owners to pay for mandatory towing fees in advance when renewing their road-worthy certificates. What kind of deal is this?

This contract nearly came into effect last year but for the stiff opposition it attracted from the general public. The windfall profits that the company would have got if it had gone through would have been unimaginable. And that’s JOSPONG for you!


Dust bin contract

In several instances, JOSPONG set up subsidiary companies which deal with specific programs. JOSPONG managed to get a job to supply dust bins to district assemblies all over Ghana and the contract was split among different sub-sets of the company each supplying bits of this or that and who checks the price? And was the company able to fulfill all the terms of this agreement? Your guess is as good as mine.



Now comes the mother of all stinking reports—GYEEDA report. Per the GYEEDA report, two people have been dispatched to be guests of the state at the Maximum Security Prisons at Nsawam.


But the report indicts more than two personalities. It indicts the then minister of youth and sports, Clement Humado, who signed the contract that made it possible for millions of state funds to be siphoned unlawfully.


Unfortunately, Clement Humado was used as a witness in the case which eventually sent Abuga Pele and Philip Assibit to prison.



The report also indicts RLG and its affiliate companies AGAMS Group for collecting moneys in advance meant for training the youth in ICT, which training never took place the way it was intended.


So were ZOOMLION and its subsidiary company, Better Ghana Management Company indicted in the report. Better Ghana Management Company for instance was a conduit pipe through which money meant for the beneficiaries of the various modules of GYEEDA passed but in no time, all the modules collapsed. The reason? Your guess is as good as mine.



Manasseh Awuni

Since the jailing of Abuga Pele and Philip Assibit, Manasseh Awuni who broke the story as far back as 2013 has written to say that he is not happy that only these two personalities have been tried and sentenced. He calls this selective justice.


Countering Manasseh

Then, about a week ago, someone also wrote an article accusing Manasseh Awuni of hating JOSPONG to the core for which reason, he, Manasseh has been writing about the malfeasance going on at the JOSPONG group of companies.


I’m sorry to say that this is not the case. Manasseh has done no wrong; he’s only writing about the looting going on in the name of business and you can’t fault him for that.

The GYEEDA report, in any case, was not authored by Awuni, so you can’t accuse him of bad faith. The GYEEDA report was issued by government and it indicts ZOOMLION and Better Ghana Management Company owned by JOSPONG.


Mr. Joseph Siaw Adjepong may do well by restructuring his outfit and do his business transparently and genuinely so we all will give him thumps up.


It’s unhelpful to invoke God Almighty and say that ‘since this company has the backing of God, no stone thrown against the company will stand’ as he said when the Group organized a thanksgiving service recently to which the former President, Mr. J.A. Kufuor was invited.



I would like to advise JOSPONG that God is a God of righteousness who rewards honesty, fair play, genuineness, and abhors cheating. Therefore, if you collect Gh500 meant for workers and you only give them Gh100, God will not smile on you.


Also, if you use unfair means to reap undeserved windfall profits like we have been reading about, God will not smile on you.


On the whole, private companies in Ghana must do well to engage in genuine and transparent business so that they win the confidence of the people and stay afloat at all times even when there is a regime change at the polls every four years.


Sikkens and others are soldiering on while JOSPONG is using the time deflecting accusations and counter-accusations by journalists and social commentators. This shouldn’t be the case at all.

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