A/R: 60yr old blind mother of 4 in dire straits in Kwabre Safo

As part of the starr dream project GHONE News puts the spotlights on a 60 year old disabled mother of four living at her width’s end in a village in the Kwabre East District of the Ashanti region.

She is sixty; has four children and jobless. That is the story of an old woman living in a village called Kwabre Safo in the Kwabre East District of the Ashanti Region.

She came into focus of GHONE’s news radars as part of the Starr Dream Project being championed by EIB Network.

Abusua fm’s Nana Ama Annor has been following this rather worrisome story and came through with this report.

There appears to be no hope in sight for sixty year old disabled mother of four; Auntie Ataah.

She lives here in this village called Kwabre Safo in the Kwabre East district of the Ashanti region.

At the age of seven, she got paralyzed as a result of a side effect of treatment for measles. She was able to walk again after surgery. But little did she know that she was going to be left in a chair unable to walk in her later years.

She stopped schooling in the middle of high school because her father found no reason to continue paying for a girl child to continue schooling that far.

“My father told me that there is nothing good in me so I couldn’t further my education because my father didn’t support. Life wasn’t easy at that time but with the help of my mother, I got admitted into the Edwinase Rehab Centre where I learnt hair dressing as a vocational skill.

She has been into four relationships all resulting in babies. All fathers of her children abandoned her leaving her helpless unable to cater for and sponsor the education of her children.

Aunti Ataah was only able to support her children up to Junior High School doing hair dressing and dress making in her village.

All these trades however failed due to discrimination and a lack of the financial and social support she needed to be economically viable.

Aunti Ataa now lives on the benevolence of friends and neighbours.

She however believes she can still rely on her last strengths to make a living if she had some support to start some petty trading in front of her house and is counting on support from the benevolent public to help her out.

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