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Glo offers days of free calls

GLO MOBILE Ghana has launched an aggressive market offer, ‘Glo Yakata’, into the telecoms market. The offer, which is exciting in nature, delivers unmatchable benefits to subscribers once they recharge.

The new offer provides exceptionally huge benefits to subscribers on every recharge. These include free data, unlimited Glo to Glo calls and free minutes to call to other networks.

For example, a recharge of GH¢ 1.00 gives the subscriber his airtime value plus free first minute of the day call to other networks.  In addition, the subscriber also gets 250MB data and an incredibly free and unlimited Glo to Glo calls for two days! Similarly, a recharge of GH¢ 2.00 gives the subscriber the normal airtime value of GH¢ 2.00 and an additional benefit of first free minute of the day call to any other network for four days plus a free 500MB data and free and unlimited Glo to Glo calls for four days.

A GH¢ 5.00 recharge which gives an airtime of same amount in the account also delivers first free minute call to any network daily for 10 days and 1.25GB free data. The subscriber also gets free Glo to Glo calls for 10 whole days.

A subscriber who recharges GH¢ 10.00 gets first free minute call daily to any network for 20 days, free and unlimited Glo to Glo calls for 20 days and 2.5GB data free, in addition to his GH¢ 10.00 airtime, which is intact in his account. The customer also gets immeasurable benefits on both GH¢ 20.00 and GH¢ 50.00 recharges.

Speaking on the new offer, a company spokesperson reassured subscribers of seamless communications as the company had perfected works on the networks.

“The greatest plus to this offer is that apart from the huge array of benefits to be enjoyed, a subscriber can use his/her original airtime credit for local and international calls, data and other value-added services as desired,” he said.

He disclosed that the network is capable of coping with the demands of existing subscribers and new customers who are ready to enjoy the new offer. He added that the recent upgrades on the network had been completed, making it more robust for this exciting offer.

He called on subscribers not to miss out on the new offer and urged those who do not already have Glo SIMs to buy and recharge to enable them to enjoy the unlimited benefits of this offer.




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