I respect Joselyn Dumas – Anita Erskine

ACE MEDIA personality Anita Erskine has said she and actress Joselyn Dumas have a cordial relationship and not in a ‘beef’ as people claim.

According to Ms Erskine, the two of them respect each other and have been behind each other lots of times in their career.

She said “I was tough on Joselyn Dumas and she will testify to that because she had huge potential. We have best of respect for each other. I can never understand where I and Joselyn Dumas having an issue came from.”

Rumours have it that Ms Erskine left Viasat 1 because she was not comfortable working with the actress after she joined the station. Some reports have even claimed there were often heated exchanges between the two after months of a tense relationship.

Speaking to Bola Ray on Starr Chat on Wednesday, the women’s advocate said the reports were unfounded.

The articulate presenter also bemoaned the practice where companies demand years of experience before employing young people.

“Companies are looking for perfection from these young ones even though they don’t have the experience. If we don’t give them the opportunity, how do they gain experience? It’s not fair,” she said.

Ms Erskine, who was co-host of the ‘Starr Drive’ on Starr FM has moved on to other projects, working on women and children-related issues for some agencies under the United Nations.

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