Fake cables are cheap but can burn your house

IT HAS become necessary for the government, through the Ghana Standard Authority (GSA), to halt the huge importation of sub-standard or fake electrical cables into the country.

Some of the obvious features of fake electrical cables are sub-standard insulation, reduced insulation thickness, reduced diameter of copper conductor, shorter length per coil, fake labels, and fake packaging.

Production of these bogus cables goes back to middle ages or medieval period, but their huge importation into the country has become a national crisis.

Fake electrical cables abound on the Ghanaian market and are very cheap. China and Nigeria are known to be the destinations of these inferior products which keep causing havoc to thousands of users.

Many infernos have been attributed to the use of fake electrical cables which easily catch fire at the least power fluctuation in homes. The cables are also responsible for the destruction of home appliances because of their quack nature.

The local manufacturing industry is also being seriously affected by the influx of these products. Some manufactures are unable to break even because of these cheap, but sub-standard products.

Since the practice is very old and will not die soon, the only way out is to contain the importation of these phony products into the country.

The Ghana Electrical Traders Association and Ghana Union of Traders Association ought to up their game and impress upon the GSA to ban the importation of the fake cables.

The laws must be strictly enforced and perpetrators punished to serve as deterrent to others.

The public, on their part, must stop patronising fake electrical cables because they are cheap to help reduce fire outbreaks in the country and make the trade unattractive.

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