Put Interest of Ghana First while on your Duty Tour- President Akufo Addo to 8 New  Ghanaian Envoys

Eight New Ghanaian  Envoys have been charged by President  Akufo Addo to put the interest of Ghana first at all times during  their duty tour in their respective countries  of destination.
Addressing the newly sworn in Ghanaian Envoys at a ceremony  at the Flag Staff  House,  after administering three oaths; the oath of Office,  the oath of Allegiance  and the oath of Secrecy, President  Akufo Addo said the envoys are the most visible symbol  of the country  out there and in all their actions,  they must guide the image of Ghana jealously.
*Attraction of Foreign  Direct Investments*
The President  also reminded  the eight envoys to remember that the attraction of foreign  direct investments  from the countries  where they are going into Ghana is key to the development  of the Private  Sector of the Country’s economy. He therefore  urged the High Commissioners and Ambassadors alike to make the attraction of such investments top on their list of priorities.
*The Envoys*
The eight envoys who’s agreements  have been received  by the President  between  16th October and 5th December 2017 are; Emmanuel Enos,  State of Qatar, Francis Abakah, Sierra  Leone,  Ernest-Burke Asare-Aseidu,  Republic of  Liberia, Yamaha Iddi Ahmed Rafai, State of Kuwait, Hannah Amazing Marko,  State of Israel, Joseph  Kwaku Antwi, Democratic  Republic of  Congo,  Perpetua O.  Dude,  Republic of  Angola,  and Sayuti Yahaya Iddi,  Islamic  Republic of Iran.
Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana/ Wilberforce Asare

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