‘Juju Is Gradually Taking Over Gospel Business In Ghana’-Gospel Artist

Sensational gospel artist, Ernest Acheampong has disclosed, the new generation of Ghanaian gospel artists in their quest to dominate the industry have resorted to the use of occult powers and black magic to outdo each other.

According to Acheampong, over seventy per cent of the gospel artists have been consulting fetish priests with the aim of securing power and fame within the shortest possible time of their career.

The gospel artist was speaking in exclusive interview with Abusua FM’s Church Bells program Sunday morning.

The gospel singer said, “one thing hurting gospel artistes today is selfishness and the lack of unity among us…it appears verybody thinks he is superior to the other and that is why there is no unity, unlike what we had in times past.”

“Today, as we speak, about 70 per cent of gospel musicians visit shrines for juju for their musical careers and also to outdo other gospel artistes and this is a reality.”

“You hear some people making it big, don’t look at them or don’t envy them. Just pray and thank God for your situation. Those musicians you see doing very well, most of them cannot sleep because of what they do all in the name of God,” Acheampong revealed.

“There is juju, so much juju in gospel music more than hiplife and at the right time God himself will expose those involved in the practice.”

“To those people using Juju, expiry date is allocated for that spirit, when Satan gives, it looks all shinny and rosy but it defiantly has an expiry date…but when God gives you something, it’s everlasting. So the up and coming acts should learn from this”, Ernest Acheampong added.

Acheampong has meanwhile revealed he will soon be releasing a collaboration with veteran morning show host of Abusua FM, Kwame Adinkra.

Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana

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