“We Appointed Anny Osabutey Because His Colleague Journalists Were Mocking Him”-Presidency

A deep throat source at the seat of government has disclosed to www.abusuafmonline.com the new Communications Manager for the National Petroleum Authority was appointed to that office “as a reward to his loyalty and consistency” with the New Patriotic Party (NPP), since its opposition days.

According to the impeccable source who spoke on condition of strict anonymity, Anny Osabutey is one of the very few journalists whose immense contribution has been helpful to the course of the party during its difficult days in opposition and the party, now in government, deems it fit to reward him with an appointment.

The source was speaking to this website exclusively in reaction internal agitations by leading members of the NPP in the Ashanti Region over what they call ‘neglect while outsiders’ are being rewarded with juicy appointments.

News has been rife on social media that the senior journalist has been appointed as the new Communications Manager of the National Petroleum Authority.

In the wake of this, his past and present colleagues have flooded his facebook wall with congratulatory and goodwill messages wishing him well in his new career.

One of such aggrieved party communicators in Kumasi said, “my brother, I can tell you I was very instrumental in the defection of Awal Mohammed two months to elections and he is has been appointed as Communications Manager for the Youth Employment Agency by our own former Youth Organiser who is the C.EO and knows how hard some of us worked for the party.”

“Today, they have appointed that Joy FM journalist as the Communications Manager for NPA…is he a better communicator than I am or is it because we are in Kumasi,” he asked.

Another communicator of the party said, “we are still brainstorming and we may boycott all party activities if we are not recognised…tell me, how many of the party’s communicators have been appointed, not a single one since we came to power.”

But this website’s source at the presidency says “their agitations are useless because we know what this boy has done for us since opposition days.”

“Look, you are one of his colleagues and I won’t be surprised if you are one of those that have been mocking him because he has not been appointed to serve under this government,” he added.

“We have several reports of how journalists…his own colleagues have been laughing at him that his hardwork for the party has not been rewarded and so we have to appoint him to shame these people,” the source revealed.

Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana


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