“No Records Of Missing Money In NDC, Ignore Daily Guide’s Wicked Agenda”-Kwaku Boahen

Deputy National Communications Officer for the main opposition National Democratic Congress, Kwaku Boahen has dismissed reports by the Daily Guide newspaper claiming the party’s humilating defeat at the 2016 presidential polls is largely due to financial impropriety by some leaders of the party.

Reports circulating in sections of the media claims, lack of proper distribution of the campaign funds was one of the major causes of the party’s humiliating defeat.

The reports claim, the situation where structures at the grassroot level of the party did not receive funds to prosecute an effective campaign badly affected the party’s chance of winning the elections.

Some news reports also reported, Prof. Botchwey said the poor distribution of campaign funds ensured that it was extremely difficult to even get transportation for party supporters to the various constituencies to vote during the elections.

But Kwaku Boahen in an interview with host of Abusua Nkommo, Kwame Adinkra flatly dismissed the claims accusing the Daily Guide newspaper of setting a vile agenda against the party.

According to Boahen, “Kwame, I wouldn’t want to glorify the Daily Guide newspaper because the paper is out there on a mission to destroy the NDC’s public image and it’s not something we are perturbed about.”

“Details of the Kwesi Botchway report remains a secret and no one can claim having it, let alone serialising it…it’s an internal working document and there is no reason why we should leak it to the media,” he added.

“As part of the process of implementing the salient recommendations of the election review committee in resolving the internal conflicts and differences, the council has put in place teams to visit the various regions and team up with regional representatives to undertake the process of healing and reconciliation.”

“And for the avoidance of doubt, the process of healing and reconciliation has commenced within the Council of Elders itself, Functional and National Executives as well as other leading members of the party. Council entreats and urges all members of the Akatamanso family to remain calm and fully support the process of healing and reconciliation,” Kwaku Boahen reiterated.

He alleges, “Kwame, so you can see the Daily Guide as an avowed critic of the NDC will never want to see this internal healing process successfully executed and will do everything to undermine the party.”

Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana

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