‘We Are Not Promoting Alcoholism And Wee Smoking’-Wutah

Sensational music dup, Wutah has rejected claims they are promoting the smoking indian hemp, popularly known as ‘wee’ and alcoholism among the youth through their songs.

According to Wutah, known in real life as Daniel Morris and Frank Osei with stage names as Afriyie and Cobby Raana, their songs only seeks to portray how the youth celebrate in exuberance.

Wutah has in recent times angered and disappointed their supporters with news of break up and re-uniting which have variously failed to take effect.

The duo have in the past blamed each other for their separation over greed, pride and envy.

But speaking to host of Abusua FM‘s late afternoon drive time show, Ike De-Unpredictable.

According to the duo, performing together has made them more successful than going solo. The beloved music group, Wutah, announced in various interviews that, they are coming back, almost 7 years after going their separate ways.

What makes this news quite irritating is the fact that, Ghanaians, especially the fans of the group have been through this road before and heard this all before.

Talks of a comeback, a few interviews here and there, the hope of fans are raised, and then, all comes tumbling down.

Some are optimistic this time, because, the two seem very interested in this one. They have been seen performing together, seen at events together and are granting interviews together.

For the industry, the comeback is good news, as the duo formed such a formidable unit that churned out quality music.

For the duo, the move seems the most sensible thing to do considering how checkered their respective solo careers went.


Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana

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