“I Will Beat Any Idiot Who Comes To Me For Royalties”-Prophet Kumchaacha

Outspoken preacher, Prophet Kumchaacha has warned leadership of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), not to step a foot in his church for music royalty.

Prophet Kumchaacha has also vowed to mercilessly beat any “idiot” that will approach him for royalty for using their songs in Church.

According to Prophet Kumchaacha, it is satanic for GHAMRO leadership to think of taking royalties from Churches and Christian organizations for using their songs in praising and worshipping God.

Kumchaacha was speaking to host of Abusua FM’s late afternoon drive time host, Ike De-unpredictable in reaction to decision by GHAMRO leadership to start taking royalties from Churches and other facilities that publicly use artworks of musicians.

Kumchaacha said, “Ike, warn them never to step in my church.”

“Any idiot that comes to my Church in the name of collecting royalties will have to face me in a fight,” he warned.

“I will mercilessly beat any idiot that will try and step a foot in my Church,” he charged.

“GHAMRO or whatever they call themselves are agents of the devil and I will deal with them like I’m dealing with the devil himself…So Ike warn them before it’s too late,” he charged.


Source: www.abusuafmonline.com/Ghana

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